Lift System

The Core of what we do.

The lift system was designed to solve the challenges of performing swing component replacements and services on some of the largest mining shovels in the world.​​

With years of prior project & industry experience, the lift system incorporates both practical and purpose-built features delivering customers an effective method for their assets rebuild.​​

The lift system has successfully “undecked” hundreds of various shovels throughout the world.  It remains a proven method for carbody and revolving frame rebuilds and has allowed HAMM Equipment, Inc to be the preferred partner in delivering these services.

Lift System Feature & Benefits.

  • Quick assembly saves on downtime​
  • Engineered redundancy ensures safety​
  • Efficient design minimizes transportation costs​
  • Lowers revolving frame to optimized height for inspections/repairs​
  • Boom, handles, & dipper can remain intact prior to lift​

Lift System Method.

The Lift System was designed to undeck the largest electric rope shovels on customers mine sites.  Through executing numerous projects, HAMM has designed complimentary equipment in support of undecking projects along with a 2nd generation lift system that reflects the industry’s progression into larger shovels.

​​Today, HAMM possess a complete range of equipment to undeck shovels, efficiently remove the carbody from underneath the revolving frame, perform roller path machining, and much more.  Our deep project history in shovel overhauls reflects an unrivaled expertise to provide customers the highest of quality & service.  



Lift Method

Through a systems engineered approach, the lift system was specifically designed to handle the largest mining shovels in production today. The hydraulics, controls and structural design have been validated through analysis and many successful projects throughout the years.


Reduced down-Time

The 'Lift System' is assembled prior to shovel shutdown. A shovel can be undecked and the carbody removed within 12 hours or less -- reducing shovel downtime by up to 50%.


Synchronized Movement

Utilizing four huge hydraulic jacks, the 'Lift System' hoists the 1+ million pound shovel off the carbody in a synchronized movement. Hydraulic power is evenly applied to the four hydraulic jacks from a single control panel.


Protect the Pin

Hoisting the revolving frame above the top of the center pin eliminates the risk of damaging or destroying the center pin or bushing.



Boom in the air, stick with dipper intact. If no repairs are scheduled to the boom or it's components, the unique design of the 'Lift System' allows for the shovel to be undecked with the boom in the air, stick with dipper intact - further reducing shovel downtime.


Easy Access

After propelling the carbody out from under the shovel, the 'Lift System' lowers the revolving frame to a safe/convenient working height for inspection and repair, allowing for easy access to the bottom of the revolving frame.


Complimentary Equipment

Hydraulically enabled carbody propel system couples to the carbody to facilitate removing it from underneath the revolving frame.  ​​Roller path mill is fixated to revolving frame and carbody to precisely refurbish roller paths to required specifications.