Moving forward.

HAMM Equipment, Inc provides technical oversight and services on large mining equipment and components. Located in Casper, Wyoming, HAMM has provided safe, reliable and meticulous repair of customers most valued assets. As the industry moves forward, we continue to keep an eye on innovation while ensuring the delivery of value to our customers. We take pride in being a trusted voice within the industry and strive to be the preferred choice for major equipment overhauls.​​

Our company history.

​HAMM Equipment was founded in 1997 by Virgil Tatman as an innovative method to undecking mining shovels. By developing a lift system, customers could now undeck shovels safer, in less time, and perform critical repairs in more desirable conditions. Through the years, HAMM has continued to innovate ways to perform critical repairs on shovels and draglines. HAMM continues to employ highly experienced individuals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge to promote a safe work environment where customers can depend on quality, consistency, and expertise.


Focused Approach. Global Reach.

Trusted by customers throughout the world to deliver expert service and consultation.

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