Mining shovels/dragline and equipment are most often repaired or serviced on-site. Whether the project requires machining, drilling, boring, welding, etc. HAMM Equipment has the consultants, work force, and specialized equipment available to handle all repairs, erections or relocations.

Drilling and Tapping
Welding & Grinding
Hydraulic Power Supply
Consulting Services


Machining - A specifically designed milling machine is used to machine the shovel carbody and revolving frame. Machine design and operating capabilities enable the ring gear and rail pad surfaces to be restored to the original manufacturers' specifications and tolerances. Machining of the ring gear/lower rail pad or upper rail pad surfaces can be completed within 12 to 24 hours.

Hydraulic Power Supply - the diesel powered hydraulic power supply is a skid mounted unit consisting of two identical systems connected in parallel. Originally used to drive oilfield casing, this VARCO pump along with its two 1000 ton jacking cylinders, have been used in several other applications. Most recently used in the removal of the tub out from under an 8750 Marion Dragline and also to hydraulically lower dragline booms.

  Boring - Precision hydraulic boring equipment designed for smooth/accurate cutting performance. The boring equipment is compact to fit into confined spaces. It is easily setup and aligned.

Drilling and tapping -
A hydraulic drill is used to redrill and mate the ring gear to the carbody. Holes are resized to ensure a proper fit and retention.

Consulting Services - we offer expertise and service in all aspects of dragline and shovel repairs, rebuilds and erections. Through consultation and equipment assessment we will meet your needs and find practical/cost effective solutions.